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How to provide feedback following mocks

Marking exams can always be a difficult process. There’s the emotion (for the teacher and the students) that grades aren’t where they should be and the realisation that students are still making the same mistake. It can also be very difficult for students to process any feedback other than the grade.

These ideas, courtesy of the fabulous @Laura_oleary allows students to engage with their feedback and close gaps.

When using either- I am very selective about which questions I give detailed feedback on. There is limited impact writing on every question what the students should have done to get full marks. Be selective and only give detailed feedback on a small number of questions.

The exam review sheet – how to use. 

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  1. Mark exam paper- highlight one question that the student will improve (throughout a class I will select no more than 3 questions that they will improve- this will make the resource making for point 5 easier to manage!)
  2. Students identify their target grade, their raw mark and how many marks they were off (or above their target) .
  3. They then do a question analysis to process individual question marks.
  4. Students then identify something they did well and something they did not do so well on (I might give examples, e.g. I attempted all the questions, I completed the case study questions well etc).
  5. Students then find their target question, and using resources I have made prior to the lesson they improve their answer.
  6. Finally students look at how their mark has improved.

Download: exam-question-review

Mock review sheets- how to use 

mock-review-sheetThis resource is great for larger exam



  1. students identify their target grade and read through the feedback given. I will give detailed feedback on a select number of questions 
  2. The students then do a question analysis. The “how many marks lost by not attempting questions” is really interesting for students that this is an issue with.
  3. Students identify what they have learnt from the mock exam- this is usually skills/ technique focus (again I might give some examples).
  4. They identify a new priority for the next term/ year.


Download: mock-review-sheets