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What is Teacher Workload all about?

As I start creating and writing my first ever blog I find myself asking lots of questions; what’s a widget? Why won’t my header actually fit in the header? When should I use a page or post? Who will actually read this? etc so I decided I would explain a bit more about my blog by answering the 5 W’s

What will the blog be about?

In the ever demanding job that teaching is, we are regularly hearing about teacher’s workload- it is now even a political term with the governments “Workload Challenge”. While I think fundamentally the way to reduce teachers workload is less classes this isn’t going to happen anytime soon! Teacher Workload aims to provide some top “tips” to help reduce the teacher workload in a practical way. Other than my mention above, the following words are banned from my blog:

  • Government (and any other words related to a political agenda)
  • Ofsted
The aim is to provide ideas which can be taken into the classroom tomorrow, with limited planning.
Why am I creating more “work”?
Personally I often feel bombarded with teaching ideas- the joy of twitter and other blogs means we can easily access other teachers ideas. For me, the blog is an opportunity to write down and remember the best ideas which make my life easier, and still ensure an effective and engaging learning experience for the students in the classroom. Potentially some of the ideas shared might make others lives a little easier too.
Where could you find resources?

Where relevant, resources will be uploaded to the blog- if you want something in particular please contact me.

Who is the teacher writing this blog?

I am Head of Humanities in a “challenging” school in Lincoln. I am about to start my 7th year of teaching and am involved and lead on whole school CPD as well as  work with trainee teachers in other schools.

When will it be updated?

In an ideal world I would like to post once a week with a top tip or idea to reduce workload, however, at busier times of year, this might not happen!

So here it goes…..