How to use checklists to mark notes

checklist.pngIn my subject area, students, especially at GCSE or A-Level, have to produce notes- these are pieces of work which they can come back to at a later date to revise from. They might not show significant understanding or analysis but, they must have all the content if they are going to have the knowledge in the future. These pieces of work can be quite time consuming to mark and often the feedback given is “you need to include….”

A solution to this is the use of checklists.  These can be printed off and students can then go through their work and check off that they have all the basic information. They can also then add anything they have identified as missing. A quick once over from you as the teacher means you can then go on to providing feedback on something which shows a greater level of thinking or skill. While there has to be some time invested at the start to create them, they are quite quick to make and can be used in future years. We divided ours up amongst the department to reduce workload and have all noticed our marking time of these pieces of work to have sped up. We have also found that students are producing better notes because they know what they need to include.

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